The rising cost of healthcare and health insurance has become a burden for many here in America, but there is a relatively simple solution available that can eliminate the need for insurance and put the power and freedom of choice back to each and every American. This simple solution involves the use of Health Savings Accounts and Direct Primary Care (DPC).

Health savings accounts would allow money to be deposited into it from your paycheck tax-free! Money sitting in a Health Savings Account could even earn interest by being invested in certain securities. All doctors’ fees and costs can be paid directly to the doctor from a Health Savings Account debit card.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a subscription health care plan between you and your doctor – regular check ups, chronic disease care, sick visits, in-office tests, stitches, and more all at no extra cost. Direct Primary Care programs provide direct access to doctors, includes pre-existing conditions, a pay-for-what-you-need model, and lower costs at approximately $60 per month!

As a member of a Direct Primary Care doctor’s practice, you would get:

      1. X-rays, labs, and generic medicine for pennies on the dollar with DPC wholesale purchasing power!
      2.  No insurance hassles- no deductibles, no co-pays, and no surprise bills!
      3.  Direct access to your doctor.
      4.  You get to keep your doctor even if your job changes.
      5.  Pre-existing conditions are covered!
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